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Recognition of the qualifications of higher professional and university schools acquired outside the Republic of Kosovo


This electronic service helps citizens who apply for the recognition of foreign university degrees and higher professional schools that belong to levels 5 to 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications issued by foreign Higher Education institutions. In the qualifications of levels 5 - 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications, higher professional schools, bachelor's, master's and doctorate are included.

Necessary documentation:

  • Completed form received at NARIC - Kosova;
  • A copy of the identification document; for non-Kosovo citizens, the residence permit of the Republic of Kosovo;
  • A copy of the marriage certificate in case of change of surname;
  • Original diploma only at sight;
  • A copy of the original diploma/certificate notarized, A4 format;
  • A copy of the original notarized transcript/certificate of grades;
  • An authorized translation of the diploma/certificate and transcript/grade certificate (if they are not in one of the official languages in the Republic of Kosovo);
  • Diploma supplement (if applied to the relevant institution);
  • A copy of the bachelor's, master's and doctoral thesis;
  • Translate an abstract of the paper - maximum three pages, if it is not in one of the official languages;
  • Study program;
  • A copy of the diploma/diplomas of preliminary studies (if you apply for recognition of doctoral studies, notarized preliminary degrees of master's and bachelor's are needed, and if you apply for recognition of master's studies, you need the diploma of preliminary studies-bachelor);
  • Payment slip (administrative tax, for professional schools and bachelor €30, for master's €50 and for doctorate €70. The payment slip is obtained at NARIC-Kosova);

Graduates who have completed their studies in the Republic of Albania and North Macedonia must put the apostille stamp on their original diploma and grade certificate.

In the absence of any of the documents listed above, the request will not be considered;

NARIC and the Commission of experts may also request additional documents in certain cases.

Notarization of documents and translation must be done in the Republic of Kosovo.

Documents submitted for recognition are not returned.


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